About the Goat India

Welcome to our site Goat India, where you can learn anything about goat farming in India. This blog complements the project reports and case studies by discussing many aspects of goat husbandry.

There's also some background knowledge about raising goats. Our farm was founded on the principle of giving desert dwellers the means to sustain themselves in a dignified manner. To help the rural inhabitants of the Thar Desert make the most of their few resources, the cooperative's founders do more than just provide them a chance to start their own businesses.

The firm is led by a social volunteer who hails from a prominent local family and is much admired in the community.

When did we start?

Goat India was founded in June 2009 with the goal of helping people in rural areas become self-sufficient and raises their standard of living through the sustainable use of desert resources. The owners assist the local people not only in launching a business but also in breeding the highest-quality livestock possible to increase their earnings. The group is headed by professionals with years of experience in agriculture and rural development, particularly in livestock initiatives.

What do we do?

Farmers on the margins of society, such as nomads and landless workers, have traditionally been the ones who raise goats for their livelihood. For these groups of individuals, this species represents a crucial economic lifeline. Goats are a good option for low-income farmers since they can thrive in a variety of agricultural climates.

Our website is the product of a decade of work by a small team of development experts dedicated to improving farmers’ bottom lines and strengthening grassroots organizations run by women. It was established so that people who are dealing with small livestock-based livelihood concerns on their own may share their experiences and insights with one another, and so that action research can be emphasized to develop new information and make it accessible to a wider audience in India and beyond.

Goat India is your one-stop shop for information about the goat farming sector in India, including lists of available goat farming jobs. We want to provide you with as much knowledge as possible about the goat farming industry so that you can make an educated choice about whether or not to invest in a goat farm.

Goat India’s primary purpose is to connect those who want to purchase or sell goats or goat products with others who are interested in purchasing or selling goats or goat goods in their region.

Why we're different?

All of the data presented on these sites comes from our own experience or that of third parties. Before putting any of the advice presented here into practice, you should consult with a professional in the relevant fields, whether that’s science, veterinary medicine, or agriculture. In no event will this website or any of its contributors be liable for any damages incurred as a result of utilizing the information provided herein.

There are many members of the farming community that use our site in addition to our customers.

  • Twenty-five thousand unique monthly users.
  • We have over 10,000 email readers and over 500 farmers who attend our annual goat farm training courses.
  • More than a thousand scholarly publications and reports have been republished in various forms of media.

Passionate & Approachable

The goal of this website is to help other goat farmers by sharing the knowledge and expertise offered here. Everyone on the Goat India team is passionate about making products more user-friendly and accessible. However, consultants who are really experts would never mention themselves or their company.

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