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Surti Goat Breed: Thriving in Dairy Excellence and Adaptable Conditions

Unravelling the Surti Goat Breed: Qualities, Distribution, and Dairy Excellence

Introduction: Surti Goat Breed

The Surti goat breed, adorned in a radiant white coat, claims its niche in the realms of Surat and Baroda. Renowned for its prowess in dairy production, this breed thrives in confinement and stall feeding settings. This article explores the breed’s distribution, unique characteristics, and its significance in the dairy sector.

Distribution and Habitat

The Surti goat breed finds its home in the locales of Surat and Baroda. Adapting seamlessly to stall feeding and confinement conditions, this breed has secured its place as a valuable asset to dairy enthusiasts in the region.

Breed Characteristics

Size and Physical Features

Surti goats stand as medium-sized individuals, emanating a sense of balance and proportion. Adult males of the breed generally weigh around 30 kilograms, while their female counterparts tip the scales at approximately 32 kilograms. Their body length spans about 65 centimeters for males and 66 centimeters for females. The chest girth of these goats measures approximately 70.5 centimeters for males and 71.5 centimeters for females, underscoring their robust stature.

Conformation and Appearance

Draped in a lustrous white coat, the Surti breed captures attention with its pristine appearance. Their udder development is notably robust, signifying their dairy capabilities. Medium-sized ears frame their visage, contributing to their overall charm. Both males and females possess small horns that gracefully curve backward, adding to their distinct aura. It’s worth noting that the breed is not particularly inclined towards long-distance walking; they thrive best in stall feeding conditions. Their adaptability to varied diets, including leaves and food waste, enhances their feed efficiency ratio, making them economically viable.

Surti Goat Breed
Surti Goat Breed: Thriving in Dairy Excellence and Adaptable Conditions 2

Performance Metrics

Dairy Excellence

The Surti breed shines in the domain of dairy production. With an average milk yield of about 2.0 kilograms per day, these goats contribute significantly to the milk industry. Their ability to produce high-quality milk has been further enhanced through crossbreeding with the Sannen breed, unleashing their potential for even higher milk yields.


In conclusion, the Surti goat breed stands as a remarkable testament to the versatility of livestock. Its visually captivating white coat, coupled with its remarkable dairy capabilities and capacity to thrive in confinement conditions, encapsulates the essence of a well-rounded agricultural asset.

From its carefully proportioned medium-sized frame to its intricately developed udder, Surti goats exemplify the agricultural importance of indigenous breeds. Their presence serves as a living reminder of the valuable genetic resources embedded in local livestock varieties.

As these goats continue to flourish in the landscapes of Surat and Baroda, they not only contribute to the dairy industries but also underscore the critical role that local breeds play in sustaining rural economies. Their adaptability, resilience, and inherent traits contribute not only to milk production but also to the interconnected web of livelihoods dependent on the rural farming sector.

In embracing the Surti goat breed, we embrace a piece of our agricultural heritage, recognizing the intrinsic worth of preserving and utilizing indigenous breeds for the continued well-being of both rural communities and the larger agricultural landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Where is the Surti goat breed primarily distributed?
A: The Surti goat breed is mainly distributed in the regions of Surat and Baroda.

Q2: What sets the Surti breed’s appearance apart?
A: The Surti goats sport a radiant white coat, contributing to their distinctive and pristine appearance.

Q3: What is the primary focus of the Surti breed in the livestock industry?
A: The Surti goats excel in dairy production, yielding an average of about 2.0 kilograms of milk per day.

Q4: How does the Surti breed adapt to confinement conditions?
A: Surti goats thrive under stall feeding and confinement conditions, showcasing their adaptability to these settings.

Q5: How does crossbreeding enhance the Surti breed’s dairy potential?
A: Crossbreeding with the Sannen breed elevates the Surti breed’s milk production potential, contributing to even higher milk yields.

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