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Goat-keeping equipment

Goat-keeping equipment

Equipment needed

The reason for having goats—whether for milk, meat, fibre, or kids—will dictate the specific needs of the goat farm.

The hay feeder, mineral feeder, grain bowl, and water bowl are all examples of feeding equipment.

Water freezing in the winter is a problem in temperate regions, so you’ll need a way to protect the goat’s water from freezing.

Bedding that stays as clean as feasible for as long as possible requires mucking materials. Boots, gloves, a pitchfork, and a wheelbarrow are all part of this set.

Keeping accurate records is essential in the goat farming industry, both for the benefit of the veterinarian in the event of a medical emergency and for the identification of problematic goats in need of culling.

You’ll also need pallets or some other kind of storage equipment to keep the hay off the ground and away from any potential mould development. Rats may gnaw through plastic trash cans; therefore, steel is preferable.

Some pharmaceutical supplies and tools are given as well.

When giving out deworming medication, a drench gun is needed.

Dewormers and antibiotics are two of the many medications that should always be on hand. Your pet’s vet may also have recommendations for you.

A hoof trimmer and hoof file are essential tools for maintaining the cleanliness and health of a goat’s hooves. The body’s temperature will be measured using a thermometer to assess its general well-being. Used needles should be disposed of in a Sharps container.

Specialise equipment

The kind and quantity of equipment required to raise goats depends on their intended use.

Milking equipment such as a motorised milking machine, hand-milking machine, or simple bucket for hand-milking, as well as a double boiler for pasteurising the milk and something to store it, may be necessary, depending on the product being made.

Creep feeders, or a separate part of the property that may only be entered by children and not adults, are required if there are children on the property. A kidding kit and a kidding pen are other required items.

Good, sturdy clippers are required if fibres are to be manufactured.



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