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होमरेसिपीज़Azamgarhi Mutton Recipe | 5Kg Cooked on Himalayan Range | Village Style...

Azamgarhi Mutton Recipe | 5Kg Cooked on Himalayan Range | Village Style | Uncut Foodies

Azamgarh Mutton Recipe: Azamgarhi mutton is a rare cuisine from Azamgarh which is located in Eastern Uttar Pradesh India.

This mutton curry in desi style is famous and delicious equally.
The preparation is bit different from conventional mutton recipe.

Also it is famous cause the use of garlic is unique as whole garlic pods are being used instead of garlic mince or garlic paste.

Uncut Foodies have taken the initiative to show the best way of making it (5 kg mutton curry recipe) hope you guys will like it.
Happy Learning and Munching.

Team Uncut foodies -)

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