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Syed Abdul Samad ,India

"wants to know the minimum capital as money , land and also the time to expect returns, the total money to invest and to keep in hand for day to day expenses the total amount required for each goat"

Date: 26th Feb 2016

jamaluddin ,India

"we would like to start small frm house"

Date: 17th Aug 2015

mohammed ali shaikh ,India

"For selling"

Date: 16th Aug 2015


Date: 14th Aug 2015

Love Akoi ,India


Date: 02nd Aug 2015

Vikram ,India

"Castrated 100 "Wethers" (3-4 Weeks Old) Required in October 1st Week."

Date: 27th Jul 2015

saquib ,India

"I want to start goat farming "

Date: 27th Jul 2015

Asif ,India

"Hi. I want to setup a goat farm for milk and Meat purpose. Please advise me best of the breeds, land required, investment & returns. Thanks"

Date: 26th Jul 2015

Asif ,India

"Hi. I want to setup a Goat farm for milk and Meat purpose. Please advise me best of the breeds, Land required, Investment & Returns. Thanks"

Date: 26th Jul 2015

raju chauhan ,India

"I have he goat specially prepared for eid. Avarage waight of goats is 65kg."

Date: 23rd Jul 2015

babu rao ,India

"i want to start goat farming 100 nos +5 males "

Date: 20th Jul 2015

vidya ,India

"Should be healthy "

Date: 16th Jul 2015

Mohammed ,India

"Minimum 2 female goats can be purchased from us. No maintenance expenses required. Feeding, medical and all other expenses taken care of us. The goat kids will be shared among the goat owners and farm owner. Land and other infrastructure available for 1000 goats spread in various villages boderingbordering Chennai."

Date: 15th Jul 2015

jasneet singh ,India

"looking goat for milking and meat purpose"

Date: 14th Dec 2014

Amar ,India

"I have a very little knowledge about goats. I recently heard about goat farming. It sounds really interesting. Can you help with more details on this."

Date: 13th Dec 2014

pankaj mali ,India

"need training in india."

Date: 12th Dec 2014



Date: 12th Dec 2014

Kunal Ghorpade ,India

"Want to start a new goat farm"

Date: 07th Dec 2014

taher ,India

"im thinking to start a goat business thats y startingly i want 40 boer kids."

Date: 04th Dec 2014


""I intend starting my goat farming buisness so please send me your quote for Young [pregnant] Sirohi and Sojat breed , I need 30 + 2 bucks""

Date: 03rd Dec 2014

Imran Sayed ,India

"Wanted 30 sirohi goats can watsapp me on +919819465112 pls do not call as i stay out of country can be reachable on watsapp "

Date: 01st Dec 2014

jaydeep taralkar ,India

"Hi I need Sirohi breed goats in the price range of 4k to 4.5 k 1 male and 9 female "

Date: 26th Nov 2014

Sandipan Bera ,India

"Want to start small goat farm. That's why need 10 goat kids for trail"

Date: 23rd Nov 2014

badal j dhavan ,India

"hello sir i wnat sojat and sirohi goat plz contact me on this num 9021450577 and send also u r contact number"

Date: 23rd Nov 2014

syed riyaz ,India

"I am starting my new goat farm .I need 30nos male &female goat 3 to 6 month any one interested to quote . "

Date: 23rd Nov 2014

Pratik Shinde ,India


Date: 22nd Nov 2014

Vijay ,India

"I intend starting my goat farming buisness so please send me your quote for 6 month old Sirohi breed , I need 100 + 4 bucks"

Date: 16th Nov 2014



Date: 15th Nov 2014

RENI ,India


Date: 13th Nov 2014

Sujeet Jha ,Nepal

"We are planning to start Goat farming with 100 Goat and 6 Bucks"

Date: 12th Nov 2014

brijpal singh ,India

"buy to 10 saanen goats kids"

Date: 12th Nov 2014

malek maqsud ,India

"i have start goat farming with 10+1 boer breeds"

Date: 09th Nov 2014

suhail ,India

"Only male kids for eid"

Date: 08th Nov 2014

Quaiser Reza Ali ,India

"I want to establish my own farm, for commercial use. And to earn money"

Date: 07th Nov 2014

Shashwat Singh ,India

"Hi everyone, I am looking forward to open a goat farm in North India . I am looking for people interested being partner in same . I am B.E and MBA and have years of experience working with MNC . Joining me is another person with exceptional educational background . We are looking for professional who are well skilled and willing to be a partner in this venture . connect me at Thanks !! and please no spam emails for loans etc."

Date: 07th Nov 2014

Bhagirath S Rathore ,India

"We have required 3 to 5 months goats female 100+ numbers"

Date: 05th Nov 2014

imteyaz khan ,India

"i m a MSc. i want a this work & groowing "

Date: 04th Nov 2014


"I want to buy 4 to 6 month old sirohi & beetal goats."

Date: 03rd Nov 2014

yadunath suryawanshi ,India


Date: 03rd Nov 2014

Gaur ,India

"Hi, I would like to start a goat farm in Dhampur distt- Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. I have very minimum idea about Goat Farming investment, breed and area required. I would appreciate if you guys can provide assistance or any best training location."

Date: 31st Oct 2014

dr suresh gund ,India

"for production of milk "

Date: 28th Sep 2014

mohd mudassir ,India

"plz send me details coz i m working plain of farming"

Date: 27th Sep 2014

Priyank Gupta ,India

"I want to open a buck farm . "

Date: 23rd Sep 2014

suraj shivangekar ,India

"i want to start goat farming i don't know any thing about it please give me info about how to start it what can i have to do about its market etc. please give me information."

Date: 22nd Sep 2014

Abdul Muneer ,India

"i Have rajasthani long ear goat kid 3 months years old, white eye with crossing ear. SHE IS VERY SWEET AND NAUGHTY WITH LIKE QUEEN ATTITUDE. i want to sell my goat Thanks Regards Abdul muneer"

Date: 17th Sep 2014

Deshmukh ,India

"i am starting new goat farm a want 10+1 osmanabadi pure goate "

Date: 13th Sep 2014

shamsher ,India

"want to buy goats i am frm village . "

Date: 01st Jun 2014

gurender singh ,India

"Main Ek goat farm shuru karna chahta hu Muje achi nasal ki goats ke kids chahiye "

Date: 01st Jun 2014

sarita chourasia ,India

"i want to purchase 100 female sirohi goats, 100 jamunapari and 100 boer goats urgently for goat farming."

Date: 01st Jun 2014

Tanvir ,India

"I would like to start Goat Farming can you please let me know the Price of 1 Female Sirohi Goat"

Date: 31st May 2014

Gajanan Dattatraya Sarkate ,India

"Mujhe Goat Farm Shuru Karna Hai "

Date: 27th May 2014

Mr. K. K. Verma ,India

"Hello. I have a goat farm and am looking for buyers of goat milk interested in purchasing 100 ltrs (or more) of organic milk per week."

Date: 17th May 2014

vinod wabale ,India

"sir want to buy male kids avg age 4-5 months . so pls send me detail price list ."

Date: 12th May 2014

Harshad Dhamapurkar ,India

"I would like to start Goat Farm in Maharashtra ASAP.. Please suggest for the same. "

Date: 11th May 2014

Akram ur Rehman ,India

"we are and indian firm belong from madhya pradesh india. we are running goat farm and we want to sell the goat milk. so i just want to ask does your company use to buy the goat milk if yes then we are intrested in selling"

Date: 07th May 2014

Prasad ,India

"Hi, I would like to start boer goat farm in Andhra pradesh, I have book knowledge minimum idea about investment, bread and i have 10 acr land area. I would appreciate if you guys can provide a assistance. Thanks"

Date: 23rd Apr 2014

Javid Jariwala ,India

Date: 22nd Apr 2014

Mantu Deka ,India

"Goat kids 2 or 3 month"

Date: 21st Apr 2014

lila dhungana ,Nepal

"boer goat breed"

Date: 19th Apr 2014

Bhanu Sengar ,India


Date: 19th Apr 2014

rbpatil ,India

"I want to start goat farm on commercial basis at jalgaon maharastra indiapl send detail information and guidelines with minimum investment i have own land 10acres in jalgonmaharatra india"

Date: 16th Apr 2014

soumitra rez ,India

"i want to sell my goat from my firm"

Date: 16th Apr 2014

Md Gulam Sarwer Mehdi ,India

"Hi, I would like to start a goat farm in Kishanganj Bihar, I have very minimum idea about investment, bread and area required. I would appreciate if you guys can provide a assistance & provide me the location is working properly. Thanks, & Regards Gulam Sarwer"

Date: 05th Feb 2013


"Starting goatfarm of higher breeds,so needed the above items ."

Date: 03rd Feb 2013

Niloy Bagchi ,India

"Iam opening a small goat farm where I required goats for breeding purpose ."

Date: 30th Jan 2013

Nazarmohammad ,India

"I am a goat farmer. I have high quality Sojat goats for sell."

Date: 30th Jan 2013

Hayat Ali ,India

"I want to start a goat farm in Rajasthan, I have 3 acres of land. I don't have any idea how to start it. "

Date: 29th Jan 2013



Date: 28th Jan 2013

khaleel ahmed ,India

"Hi, I would like to start a goat farm in Andhra pradesh, I have book knowledge minimum idea about investment, bread and i have 4 acr land area. I would appreciate if you guys can provide a assistance. Thanks, "

Date: 20th Jan 2013

mudassir ,India

"i need 10 to 20 male sirohi and or sojat goats of around 8 to 12 month old"

Date: 20th Jan 2013

rafeeq ,India

"male goats only , 6 mnths old."

Date: 18th Jan 2013

Pradeep Patil ,India

"Hi, I would like to start a goat farm in Karnataka, I have very minimum idea about investment, bread and area required. I would appreciate if you guys can provide a assistance. Thanks, Pradeep"

Date: 11th Jan 2013

surya ,India

"want to staart goat farm in andhra pradesh,so want to know the bread information and realated deta to start goat farm"

Date: 08th Jan 2013

Ajaz ,India

"Safari sheep farm is producing 100 Healthy sheeps a month for meat purpose"

Date: 05th Jan 2013

ramaram ,India

"I want to buy sojat goat for breeding purpose."

Date: 30th Dec 2012

Aloukick Kumar Singh ,India

"I have requirement of goat meat breeds for starting goat farming"

Date: 30th Dec 2012

Atul Nikam ,India

"I Want to start Meat goat farm With Boar breed So please give me quotation of the related breed i mention max Budget 100000/- for purchasing goats so please give me related information or any other breed if u have for meat THANK YOU "

Date: 29th Dec 2012

rohit patil ,India

" want to start a goat farm espescially for bakri EID goats, will like to breed and also will like to sell some of the live stock in the next bakri eid.. "

Date: 28th Dec 2012

Atif Warne ,India

"If it is possible than please reply me with boer price. I stay in maharashtra,ratnagiri."

Date: 26th Dec 2012

Mr. Jogesh Das ,India

"I need pure Sojat, Sirohi and beetal male bore goat 1 from every breed. Can any body deliver at Guwahati, Assam. What will be the cost at Guwahati delivery for these 3 goats."

Date: 24th Dec 2012

samydoss ,India

"i want to establish a goat farm for breeding stock alone. I need, kanni from tamil nadu, thalaserry from kerala and jamnapari stocks"

Date: 24th Dec 2012

Neu ,Nepal

"We need 10,000 baby goats each month to farm and grow.Any one can supply,we will be happy to talk. We want from UP,Bihar,Himanchal,Bengal etc to make easy to transpher to Nepal."

Date: 24th Dec 2012

t.vivekanandan ,India

"I need boer male and female for breeding"

Date: 23rd Dec 2012

Manish Fatehpuria ,India

"i need female and 1 male pure breed"

Date: 23rd Dec 2012

atik j. pathan ,India

"i want above goats for breeding purpose hence want there written history"

Date: 22nd Dec 2012

shiva ,India

"i need good goat for meat ,15 to 20 kgs weight i need monthly 200 300 goats regular ,need cheap and best rate i m from coimbatore/tamilandu, if any one interested send me the breed details with price list and transport cost our mail id "

Date: 21st Dec 2012


"can anyone export for me 50 heads of goats 47 females and 3 males of sirohi or sojat breeds kids 4-6 months age"

Date: 21st Dec 2012

Tatesanthosh ,India

"I just want to start a goat farm near by Hyderabad, 150 km, I need these goats for breeding, 37 female and 3 male goats. Could you please tell me how much it costs along with transportation."

Date: 18th Dec 2012


"I want 10 female and one male goats for starting farm in sasaram bihar around 150km from varanasi in up."

Date: 18th Dec 2012

t.vivekanandan ,India

"I am a goat farmer.Need stock for breeding."

Date: 17th Dec 2012

Inder Singh ,India

"Mere Ko Goats Ke Liye Ear Tags Chiye. "

Date: 17th Dec 2012

Sangeet Kumar Verma ,India

" I need "Bucks-5 (Boer-1, Ganjam -1, Sojat-1, Sirohi-2) Does- Sirohi-10, Ganjam-10, Osmanabadi-5, Sojat-5". Kindly advise source of supply and provide the rate List."

Date: 14th Dec 2012

Kamran Fazal ,Pakistan

"We want to buy live goats (Sojat) that are meat producing goat (original breed). Such meat breed should be in extra length & height as compare to other bread. Please mention prices separately of- 1. Matured Buck and Doe (1-1/2 years old) 2. Pregnant does of meat goat breed (1-1/2 years old)."

Date: 14th Dec 2012


"I wish someone can export pure breed of Sirohi or Sojat and Boer. I wish to experiment here and start a goat farm in muscat Oman."

Date: 14th Dec 2012

Sangeet Kumar Verma ,India

"Bucks-5 (Boer-1, Ganjam -1, Sojat-1, Sirohi-2) Does- Sirohi-10, Ganjam-10, Osmanabadi-5, Sojat-5"

Date: 13th Dec 2012

Mazhar ,Pakistan

"Sir, I want to buy 2 pairs of boer goats ,kindly let me know how much it will cost,as i am in Rawalpindi,Pakistan . Your reply will be highly appreciated . Thanking you Mazhar "

Date: 09th Dec 2012

Abdul ,India

"Looking For Breeding Goats from Rajajsthan"

Date: 08th Dec 2012