Goat Farming

Goat Shelter / Housing

For efficient production in dairy goats, good health and comfort to the animal is a must. To achieve this, housing of goats is important. The house should protect the goats from sun, rain and cold nights. To prevent water logging the floor of the pen…More

Routine Operations

Handling of Goats Goats are seldom difficult to handle and frequently learn to come for food and milking when called. They dislike being held by horns and ears and care should be taken not to disturb the nostrils. For an ideal handling it is …More

Nutrient Goat Requires

Dry Matter Goat Requires The dry matter intake is an important consideration since it reflects the capacity in terms of voluntary food intake to utilize the feed. With goats there appears to be distinct difference in intake between meat and dairy…More

Lactation Parameters

Breeds Lactation Yield (kg) Lactation Length (days) Av. Daily Yield Kg. Peak Yield Kg. Dry Period …More

Feeding Habits of Goats

In addition to this, goat has religious and ritualistic importance in many societies. The advantages of goat rearing are: By means of their mobile upper lips and very prehensile tongues, goats are able to graze on very short grass and to browse o…More