Goat Breeds


The Kiko Goat originated from New Zealand by crossing feral goats with dairy goats in the 1980s. Kiko is actually the Maori word for flesh or meat. They were developed for fast growth, survivability with little input from the producer and their …More


Country of Origin: The breed originated from theToggenburgValley in north-east Switzerland. Height at withers (males & females) (cm.) : 65 to 75 Average Daily Milk Yield in the Tropics (kg.) : 1.0 to 3.0 with a fat % of 3.5. lac…More


Distribution : The breed is found in Jhakrana and few surrounding village near Behror, of Alwar district of Rajasthan. The breed is large and also a good dairy type. Breed Characteristics Size (Average) Adult Male …More


Distribution : The goats are mainly distributed at Latur, Tuljapur and Udgir taluks of Osmanabad district of Maharashtra. Breed Characteristics Size (Average) Adult Male Adult Female …More