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We are social volunteers, working very deeply in the rural area of Thar Desert to help the people in developing business opportunities with the limited natural resou...

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BOER , Kashmiri , Matou Goats i'am planning to start goat farming , with the capital start for 50 goats , basically first for , meat the gradually for breeding wants to know the minimum capital as money , land and also the time to expect return
wants to know the minimum capital as money , land and also the time to expect returns, the total money to invest and to keep in hand for day to day...

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  • Dinesh S. Bhati , India 07th Dec 2012

    "It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Goat India. Goat India initially selected Training to facilitate all training and development programs for our employees based on Goat Indi...

  • Ashok Pal , India 22nd Nov 2014

    I thouroughly enjoyed taking the Indian Goat Farm goat farming Advanced Courses. I have been back two years and the material covered has had a big impact on how I look at goat farming. There are not m...

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